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Cedarwood Shea Butter 12oz.

Cedarwood Shea Butter 12oz.

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Cedarwood Balm Shea Butter

Experience the Luxurious Hydration and Rejuvenation of Cedarwood Shea Butter. Nurture Your Skin with Deep Moisture, Soothe Irritation, and Enjoy the Earthy Aroma. Elevate Your Skincare Routine with our Cedarwood Shea Butter. Limited !Adds moisture to your beard

without an oily residue, stop the itchy, softens, conditions facial hair and moisturizes skin underneath.

Applied a small layer from the jar before or after shaving
Ingredients: Cedarwood, Hemp and Vitamin E oils, Bees Wax
and Shea Butters.

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