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Adinkra Symbol Wood Plaque

Adinkra Symbol Wood Plaque

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This vertical wall plaque with Adinkra symbols is made of dark brown wood.

This plaque contains four symbols:

 Gye nyame: "Except for God", representing the power of God This symbol emhasizes placing God above all that you do

  • Nkyinkyim: "Twisting", representing the difficulty of life's journey This symbol means you should be resilient and versatile in the face of life's twists and turns
  • Dua Afe: "Wooden comb", representing femininity and cleanliness This means focusing on positive feminine qualities such as grooming, patience, and care
  • Adinkrahene: "Adinkra King", representing authority, leadership, and charisma This   signifies the importance of being a leader 
  • Dimensions  24" x 4 1/2" 

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